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TWS true wireless headset

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Since Apple released AirPods in 2016, the TWS true wireless headset market has continued to be hot. After nearly four years of development, the entire industry chain has greatly improved from appearance design to battery, charging, and chip solutions.

Among them, the built-in battery shipments driven by TWS true wireless ears have become a phenomenon-level battery market comparable to mobile phones, tablet computers, and mobile power supplies in recent years. Previously, I Love Audio Network has organized 28 charging box battery factories for everyone.

When working with TWS true wireless headsets, it is not only how to implement basic functions such as earphone calls and listening to music, but more and more functions such as active noise reduction, heart rate monitoring, and interaction with mobile phone voice assistants are added. The battery life of the company puts forward higher requirements.

Recently, I Love Audio Network disassembled the first true wireless headset X3 of Xemal, a brother brand of Edifier, and found that it uses a Super Polypower TWS headset soft pack battery. This is the 15th model disassembled by I Love Audio Network. The TWS headset products with Super Polypower batteries have a very high degree of market acceptance and the adoption rate of Edifier TWS headset products. Let’s take a closer look at it together~

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