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Super poly battery

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After the release of Apple AirPods Pro in 2019, the addition of active noise reduction function quickly ignited the market. For practitioners, what needs to be considered is not only how to realize the active noise reduction function of TWS headsets, call and listen to music, but also include more intelligent functions, such as heart rate monitoring, interaction with smart phone voice assistants, etc., and more.  In the use of application scenarios, we must also pay attention to the battery life of the headset after active noise reduction is turned on. This is also the pain point of this type of product.

According to survey data, battery life ranks second among consumers' most valued headset functions, accounting for 61%. How to maintain a balance between active noise reduction and long battery life is a difficult problem for brand manufacturers and battery manufacturers.

The Super Polypower battery conforms to the needs of the future era. The battery of the TWS true wireless headset has been upgraded to extend the single use time of the headset and also increase the battery capacity of the mobile charging box.

The Super Polypower battery uses a variety of methods to increase the capacity of the single cell by 15%: increase the capacity by increasing the gram capacity of the silicon-carbon negative electrode; fully expand the use of structural space by reducing the L3 edge; improve the process to reduce the thickness of the core, increase the number of winding layers; develop and apply ultra-thin foil; increase the voltage from 4.35V to 4.45V, and increase the capacity by more than 10%.

The Super Polypower battery adopts a special process to prepare the battery's negative electrode material: the unique lattice stretching process ensures the expansion of the layer spacing, which is conducive to the rapid diffusion of lithium ions; the hard carbon coating on the surface can ensure the fast charging characteristics and the stability of graphite. So as to realize the fast charging technology of 90% charging in 6 minutes.

The Super Polypower battery currently has a fast charging technology of 20C, and there will be a greater breakthrough in charging time.

Through the innovation in material application and process improvement, the high energy density, small size, and fast charging functions of TWS headset batteries have been fully utilized. In the use of TWS headsets, calls and listens to music, as well as more intelligent functions, such as heart rate monitoring, interaction with smart phone voice assistants, etc., more application scenarios, battery life increased by 10~30%. At the same time, the weight is reduced by more than 10% compared with the traditional steel shell battery, and it can be customized according to different structural sizes and shapes to fully improve the personalization and comfort of the TWS headset.

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